Future Technology Evolution

Technology is the outcome of the integration of various systems and the hard work of engineers or technical people. The technology converts a tough work to an easy one. It decreases the human effort in a particular work. Technology can be used as a proxy of human effort.

When a certain device is built with the aim to solve some existing problems is known as a technical device. Some process or methods are used to builds this device. The different technical device has different methods and components.  And the different name also.

But not all the technology has technical devices. There are so many technologies are exist, where only some modification is done and it solves some problem.

For example, in ancient times river water can’t be used in cropping when the crop field was far more from the river. Then, irrigation technology was evolved, where there are only canals are made connected with the river to the crop field. Hence the problem was solved. 

Development of technologies

Earlier technology was available only for few people or only for rich people. It is due to the higher cost of operation of technology. As time passed, there are some modification is done to the technology which can reduce the cost of components and cost of operation and soon it was available for everyone. It is known as the development in the field of technology.

Development is a continuous process. A system or technology can develop many times. Every system has some challenges, to overcome these challenges, the engineers, scientist are working so hard that they meet the result which they want.

Challenges of currently existing technologies  

As explained earlier, the present form of technology is the developed form or modification of earlier technology. So, the similarly present form of technologies also have problems which will be solved in the near future. These problems are-

•             Storing of energy.

Energy storing is a big issue for energy security. Except for some batteries, there are no device is invented which can store a large amount of energy for a longer time.

•             Long time for travelling

Currently, all the existing transportation technologies consume a long time travelling.

•             Availability of internet

Though we can access high-speed internet in some places, still the majority of places are there, from where we can’t access very high-speed internet.

•             War against disease

Although medical science has developed so much, still there is some disease affected the humans, which can’t be detected easily and no medicine is still invented to cure disease.

•             Disaster management

Disaster management is the sector where development is necessary. Still, no technologies are invented, with the help of which we can predetermine the natural disaster.

And existing technologies, with which we can fight has many problems. For example, fire technology is not so developed that it can reduce a big fire instantly.

•             Construction technologies

Although current existing technologies are good, it still required so much of attention and accuracy is not high.

•             Computation problems

Future technology

The advanced form of existing technologies will the future technology. At present times we can just predict the future prototypes. The future technologies will be-

1. Edge computing

In this system, no need for computing is done at or near the source of the data.

2. Power wall

In this system, the energy will be stored for a longer time.

3. Floating agricultural farms

In this technology, the crops can be grown in the floating platforms. Hence crop production will be more and no rise in soil pollution.

4. Advanced robots

Advanced robots can be used in future factories, in battle or in the maintenance work some risk areas where human life has a threat.

Also, it can use a proxy to human in some regular work.

5. 760 mph trains

Using these advanced trains, we can travel a long distance in a few minutes.

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