Future transportation technologies

As the technology grows every day, every sector is changing. Transportation industry is also no exception. Every passing day its technology is developed with the intention to solve current existing problems in that industry.

These development in the transportation sector can solve the problems regarding greenhouse emissions, time consumption etc. From environmental and economic perspective, these development are necessary.

Here in this article we will talking about the transportation technologies which are invented or developed at present times by various engineers.

These technologies are –

  • Self-driving automobiles

It is not a newly invented technology. It is already on its testing period. Online taxi company UBER had started the testing of these automobiles. Even the technology giant GOOGLE INC. had already using self-driving automobiles in the google city.

All these automobiles will be fully control by algorithm. Basically they are working on AI. When a customer booked these car, the AI on the car will read the passengers destination and it will follow the map and will drop the customer to its destination.

To prevent the accidents in those vehicles, special cameras are installed which are able to read the objects came in front of the vehicle and send signal to the processor and processer will analyse the signal, and it stop the car. 

  • Smart bicycle sharing system

Many of the people in metro cities still want to ride bicycle to reach their offices. Here is the new concept came, you don’t have to have a bicycle to ride it to reach your offices.

Technological companies developed a system, where smart bicycles can be used commuting medium and in the exchange of using it, the rider have to pay a nominal fee and leave that cycle. The next rider will pick this bicycle and use it.

There are huge benefit of using this system. It will reduce the traffic in the metropolitan cities, so eventually it will save time of the people as well as fuel.

The most important thing it will help us to reduce the pollution level in the cities.

And the last thing that, it will keep people healthy.

  • Delivery Drones

It is the revolutionary invention of the 21st century. Since the ecommerce business are growing, delivery is the prime issue for these companies. Many of the orders of these ecommerce companies are get cancelled due to late delivery.

Delivery drones will increase the speed of delivery goods to its customers. Most importantly,   in the pharmaceutical sectors, these delivery drones will be the blessing. Because, medicines are the goods, which should be the earlier the better.

Still it is not fully commercialize, only AMAZON Inc. use these drones at Silicon Valley as a test case. But soon it will be a easily available service in our streets.

  • Hyperloop

If you are a technology enthusiast and don’t know about hyperloop, then you must be missing something. In 2012, the ELON MASK first publicly mentioned about the heperloop.

ELON MASK proposed this idea to solve the problem of higher time consuming transportation modes. This technology able to travel hundreds of kilometre in just few minutes. But still there are lot of challenges are there in thus technology. Practically not yet tested this technology.

A Hyperloop is a proposed mode of passenger and freight transportation, first used to describe an open-source vactrain design released by a joint team from Tesla and SpaceX.

It is one of the revolutionary invention of the 21st century. This technology will revolutionised the whole transportation system.

  • Smart roads

Roads are the foundation of transportation. Without good roads, commuting is impossible. There are some engineers who are developing the concept of smart roads.

In these smart roads, solar energy will be stored and use it later for powering the vehicles and its infrastructure.  These roads are even capable of light the roads even in the night with the help of photo-luminescent powder. For the colder regions, these roads can be able to melt the ice gather on it.

  • Pod taxi

It is transporting medium in metro cities. Basically, it is driverless taxi runs on special tracks with the help of electricity. It can accommodate easily 4 to 6 people. We can say it as a cable car.

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