Top products available in the market

Product 1: Stryder UX300-02A Retractable Ratchet

The Stryder UX300 ratchet is the design innovation which solves the problems of storage, strap protection, this is quite convenient and easy to use as compared to the traditional ratchet strap. It is heavy-duty ratchet to protect and neatly organise the Vinyl. Ratchet system protects and neatly secures straps using a manual winding wheel, and vinyl-coated hooks that snap into the housing for compact organization. This is a lockable retraction system which prevents accidental unwinding by keeping the loosened tight. The Stryder UX300 has a special feature that 300 lb working load limit and 900 lb break strength per single strap can be managed. Arachnid webbing provides high visibility and the Strap Hugger offers protection for your gear and webbing from abrasion. Multiple straps can be attached together. It has a comfortable gripping for smooth ratcheting experience. Stryder ratchet straps allow household appliances and furniture, lawn equipment, ATV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more securely. This was proudly designed in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Product 2: Perchmount Fit Magnetic Smartphone Mount

Perchmount Fit Magnetic Smartphone Mount is sturdy and powerful designed to be the sturdiest mount. It is made of tough and durable plastic, the Perch, powerful magnets to attach wherever you see fit. The magnet helps keep the phone stable and protected. It can be attached to a non-magnetic surface, Base Station’s adapters also. It is universal can work from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 6+, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Sony. It can be carried anywhere easily as its size is 3” x 1.25” x 1”. This device is very easy to use.

Product 3:  Automatic Waste Bin

Automatic Waste Bin is Self-sealing and automatic trash with a touch of a button. It helps to dirt-free hand as it is not required to be touched. This unique technology is for modern kitchen & smart home. It contains 25 recyclable and durable trash bags. It package box contains one TEAL to the new trash can, one refill ring, power adapter and manual.

Product 4: Table Aquarium with Flower

This aquarium is extremely beautiful which can be used to decorate the office, home. Its maintenance is very low it’s aquaponics technology makes betta fish tank a clean self-sustained ecosystem. It has a 1 year full warranty. The Aquarium starter kit includes Remote for led lights, plant medium, integrated aquaponics filter. It can be used very easily by adding seeds or green onion, add water, plugin & watch your shrimp or fish tank thrive.

Product 5: Balance LED Table Lamp

This product is modern, innovative in its design with a unique magnetic sphere switch. It can be used as a night light. This lighting adds a sophisticated and polished look to the room. This lamp can be used for study, night lamp, and dresser or for decor of the room. It emits light that is soft, gentle glow; bright enough can be used for book-reading at the bed but makes an effective nightlight. The USB power cord can be plugged in different types of outlets and adapters. This is one of the best gifts for any occasion. The lamp has Touch adjustment, to choose two colour temperatures of 3000K and 6000K. It is rechargeable as it is built-in 1500 mAh lithium battery, type-c interface

  Product 6: Xiaomi LED Device for Mirror

This device has censored light which is waterproof and anti-fog. It automatically switches on as people start walking around. It can be used at a dressing table for dress up in day or night. For bathroom use, it is waterproof and anti-fog. It is comfortable with no glare and it can be easily installed with 2 powerful magnetic base, 3M strong adhesive base and peel- off the tape. When fully charged it can be used for 4 to 6 hours. It can be charged through a computer, USB or power supply. It is simple and has a slim design.

Product 7: Universal All in One USB Charger

This is universal plug adapter allows which can be used with any device. With a 110V-250V 6A capacity, the plug is capable of handling devices that require up to 250V, making it safe to use. The adapter is small, light in weight it can be used anywhere even during your travels. Devices allow for a voltage range of 110V – 240V. It comes with 8 months warranty.

Product 7: Proscenic P9 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

It handheld cordless vacuum cleaner for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning at only 4.5 lbs. It is lightweight stick cordless vacuum runs for a lengthy 25 to 30 minutes on battery power. The device is highly flexible, ultralight, a cordless design that helps to clean different floor types. It converts to a powerful Hand vacuum for easy cleaning of cars, upholstery, stairs etc. It is very Convenient because of fingertip touch control design, to easily switch between carpet and hard floor cleaning modes. The device is equipped with a mini motorized tool to clean microorganisms too. Its suction is of 15,000Pa. The device includes a battery charger, crevice tool, dusting brush and a wall-mount for easy storage. This vacuum cleaner comes with 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and extra accessory set.

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